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Products we deliver

Moller International is acting as adviser and 

supplier of designs and technical solutions within forgings, castings, hot pressings, cutting knives, tungsten carbides, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, 3D drawings and prints.

  • Forgings, machined components, high precision heat treated components ready for your assembly line.
  • Steel castings, heat treated, finished machined all sizes.
  • Aluminium castings according to customer specifications.
  • Hot pressings especially for arable usage.
  • Wear resistant tungsten carbide products and designs.
  • Hydraulic low- and high pressure cylinders.
  • Hydraulic pumps.
  • Repair kits for hydraulic pumps.
  • Bolts and nuts “power solutions”.
  • Industrial hand tools.
  • Large scafolding solutions.
  • Technical supervision.
  • 3D Inventor CAD product documentation and printings.

How many combine harvester fingers does a farmer replace in a harvest season?

Answer: enough to always want to carry a few on the field and then a small stock on the farm.

Combine harvester fingers belong to one of the most wearing parts on a combine harvester. The fingers - or knife guards as they are called in some regions - play an important role in holding the cereal in place while also having a shearing function. Much is demanded of this crucial part located on the cutterbar.

Combine harvester fingers must therefore be reliable while in operation on field. This realiability starts on the manufacting site where it comes into being. Simplified: The high-grade metal is transformed into the shape specified by the customer using specialist equipment and robust quality control.

Moller International is manufacturing combine harvester fingers at its TÜV certified facility with high quality equipment and processes including a range of cutting technologies.

Our combine harvester fingers are designed and manufactured according to international standards as specified from each of our individual OEM costumer.

We use high-end equipment including the following that we video-shot just the other day in factory:

  • Precision forging hammer that provides a homogenous and very strong steel structure.
  • Mechanical clipping press cut off all the flash around the combine harvester finger.
  • Punching press that ensures holes have the for perfect fit to the combine harvester.
  • Hydraulic Power Press that coins the combine harvester fingers so that the needed very narrow tolerances are maintained.

We also color powder paint the fingers. All colors and painting technologies are available in order to exactly match customer specifications.

We look forward to seeing you at the Agritechnica 2022 at our stand in the Systems&Components area.

Springs and coils for the railway sector

Components for trains, like agricultural machinery, are subject to a harsh operating environment and need to withstand constant stresses. This requires components that can offer the highest reliability, especially when safety is a consideration, in addition to high resistance to wear and tear. Materials selection and knowledge of the materials properties as well as the manufacturing process and quality adherence need to work closely together is the philosopy of Moller International.

Moller International supplies large-sized helical coils and other suspension springs to the railway sector.  Manufactured in Europe in ISO-9001 certified plants, the suspension springs undergo on-site heat-treatment. The plants have in-house materials expertise which is an integral part of quality control.