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International media relations

Tell your product story to international media

Moller International engages with the international media on behalf of companies in agriculture and renewable energy.

  • A news story online can help increase sales, make products more visible and improve Google ranking.
  • If the product story is news, it can reach many hundreds of thousands of readers and the text and pictures often stay online for months, if not years, making it a good investment.
  • We know that press releases can help our customers reach their target customers. The evidence comes directly from our clients.

“Suddenly we were bombarded with enquiries. Everyone wanted to know about Bolt-Check,” (a patented system that ensures a bolt has the correct tension), R&D Test Systems reported.

  • If you have launched an innovation or a new product feature, we will tell the story for you in such a way that both “Mr. Google” and journalists recognise the value. 
  • Moller International recommends a mini competitor PR analysis prior to telling your story to check how your competition communicates. That way your product or service will sound not only better but also different from the competition.
  • Your story will be told individually to our contacts of over 1000 hand-picked international journalists.
  • Moller International takes an individual approach – no mass mailings.
  • Journalistically written texts in English, German and Danish.
  • Monitoring coverage for results

Contact us for a personal meeting to learn how our press relations services can position you with the right international media.


Dr. Malene Conlong
Moller International

t: +49 1716992650