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Visiting Agritechnica since 1987

The components sector grown into its own area


Odense, Denmark, 13th October, 2019 - Starting in 1987, I am proud to be participating in Agritechnica for the 16th time this year. Over the years, I have seen the components sector grow into now becoming a key feature at the show: Systems & Components. This is because in agricultural machinery, not only is every tiny screw relevant but components and systems increasingly offer the OEMs the ability to give farmers better technical solutions.

"70 percent of the value of an agricultural machine comes from suppliers. With tens of thousands of suppliers to choose from, selecting the right supplier can be challenging, especially if a part needs to be tweaked to fit into a new design that is nearly ready to go to market," says Per Møller, CEO, Moller International.

Many innovations and indeed ideas often come from small start-up companies, like my own, who can offer the OEMs a new perspective, as well as corss-industry solutions that have not been yet been “discovered” in the agricultural sector. We dan do this because we can be flexible and are able to have a foot in several industries such as construction and wind power equipment. A solution from one industry may be directly transferable to agricultural machinery, but it is making that connection that is the key. A grasp of the complete components sector across a number of industries as well as engineering prowess and marketing expertise, ie understanding where there is a gap in the market is and meeting the need in that market, are necessary skills.

This year my company Moller Intrnational, which is headquartered in Denmark, is showing several new such solutions. A hydraulic pump repair solution from AVN that can help farmers save costs, not just in terms of replacement costs but also opportunity costs since the repair only takes a maximum of two weeks. A series of highly specialised hydrauilc cylinders from Hydraflex that can be applied to agricultural machinery when a bespoke solution is required,will be presented These are just two product examples and we have several more.

Moller International is exhibiting in the spart parts sector at Agritechnica, Systems & Components, in hall 17, stand D33.

With the help of the DLG, these past pictures from Agritechnica 1987 to 1993 from Frankfurt exhibitions grounds have been compiled. This was when the exhibition was beginning to develop into becoming a market leader.

Photographs; Courtesy of the DLG