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Moller International – the success stories of our first 18 months

Danish startup company supplying technical knowledge in the agricultural supplier industry


Odense, Denmark, 3rd November, 2019 - Established in 2018, Moller International is a young Danish startup company offering the agricultural components industry technical consultancy and engineering as well as business development and marketing expertise. Moller International is headed by owner and CEO, Per Møller, who has over 40 years experience in the components sector, especially tillage equipment components.

A network based company drawing on specialised knowledge

Moller International is a network based company which means it works with a network of people and companies that are able to provide specialised and technical services. In the agricultural components sector, the challenges require expert skills and often at short notice. This is where Moller International has already been successful.

More than 10 major projects in 18 months

Since its inception in Spring 2018, Moller International has been providing its specialist knowledge for more than 10 major projects, involving both German and foreign companies.

"There are typically many single detailed areas in the projects we get involved in which usually involve many drawings and other documentation that we organise for the customer"

Per Møller, CEO of Moller International.

A typical example of a Moller International project

Moller International was able to solve the following problem using its cross-cultural communication, engineering and manufacturing skills combined which were instrumental to the project being brought to a successful conclusion.

A components maker wins contract needing engineering drawings and translations

A large components manufacturer had won a contract with an agricultural machinery manufacturer to supply parts for a large piece of agricultural machinery equipment.The components company contracted Moller International because it needed help in finding a local supplier in Asia that would be able to fulfil the high quality standards required and also guarantee on time delivery. Prior to the involvement of Moller International, the components company communicated directly with the local supplier in Asia using email, using English, as the lingua franca. But because English was not the native language of either companies, a series of misunderstandings ensued. This result became critical when exchanging technical engineering drawings. In the end the European components company contracted Moller International to manage the communication with the Asian supplier in order to solve the problem quickly.

Cultural, communiation and engineering dimensions

Moller International took the following steps to solve the cultural issue:

  1. Analysis of past exchanges between the European company and its Asian supplier
  2. Established where in the communication chain the problems had occurred: engineering drawings. Both parties had been working under different assumptions.
  3. Moller International took on the lead for the European company and employed its CAD engineers and technical staff to supervise the project, and instructed them to employ a level English that took into account possible misunderstandings.
  4. Reached an agreement between the European company and the Asian supplier quickly which resulted in an engineering drawing which both companies could understand and, above all, agreed with.
  5. Production took place in a timely fashion as a result of Moller International's involvement

Benefits to the European components customer

Using the services of Moller International, which has the necessary experience in dealing with Asian suppliers in engineering design, manufacturing processes and quality, the European company was able to free up its own engineering resources and focus on the bigger picture and new sales leads. This constituted significant opportunity costs and direct savings too. Moller International already has experience, through CEO Per Møller and his vast network, in dealing with a range of European customers, especially Germany, France and Scandinavia.

Moller International worked as a bridge between Asian and European company

Moller International was able to analyse where the communication had gone wrong. Each company was working from a different mindset. The European company had expectations about the engineering drawing which the Asian suppliers could not meet as it was working from another premise. Moller International worked as a bridge between the two companies, not just a technical translator but managing the whole process including project plan with areas including logistics, quality, materials selection and engineering.

Moller International offers such services to components manufacturers. The strengths of Moller International is that has experience of operating in a range of countries in Europe and the former CIS countris. Engineering standards often differ and knowing the local requirements is vital.

Cross-industry solutions - finding solutions for agriculture in other industries

Moller International has another area of expertise it offers the agricultural machinery sectors.

Using its marketing expertise to identify existing solutions from other industries, often originating from Denmark, Moller is actively marketing such non-agricultural solutions from sectors such as windpower, construction or marine for the agricultural equipment manufacturer to take advantage of.

Here are some examples shown at Agritechnica 2019:

Hydraulic cylinders customised to specs when design constraints is the issue

Hydraulic cylinders used in the construction industry can be tranferred to agricultural equipment when the latter requires customised solutions for low-volume equipment. This maybe the case when design constraints require a specially designed cylinder. Danish Hydraflex company is exploring this market in Germany with Moller International

Hydraulic pump repair

Hydraulic pump repair. This solution was developed by Danish AVN Hydraulic. The repair service is rare. It is offered in other sectors like construction but not yet in agriculture. When a pump breaks down it is serious for farmers during harvest and lead time is long. Repairing pump saves time, costs and is also environmentally friendly, as the pump is not scrapped.

A correct bolt pretension from the wind power industry

A bolts need the exact right tension to maintain its lifetime. This is also a safety factor. Often the error can be as much as 30 %. Danish company R&D Engineering Solutions & Consulting has developed a new method for the windpower industry that is cost-effective to use, which can help agricultural equipment manufacturers choose the right tension to much better accuracy. This solution called Bolt-Check can be used for agricultural equipment which needs to use bolts that need minimal subsequent adjustment. During harvests it is important that such bolt collections keep working as it should.

Cross-industry solutions can be seen at Agritechnica 10th - 16th November 2019

All three solutions have been identified by Moller International as being highly relevant for both the German and Eurepean agricultural machinery sector. Moller International has applied its knowledge of the market in agriculture and has proactively attempted to find technical solutions, from Denmark, that can solve various German and Eurepean agricultural equipment issues. All three solutions will be presented at Agritechnica, the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in the world.

Visit the Moller International stand in Hall 17, Stand D33

Twitter: @mollerint