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Moller International co-develops winning plough at Danish ploughing championship 2020

Throughout my life ploughing the field has symbolised many things to me. The start of something new and the turning of a new chapter are probably the ones at the foremost of my mind. Both of these events are probably something we can all relate to starting 2021.

Ploughing too has to do with Agritechnica to me. It is the time of year when most jobs on the farm is done and we can focus on new machinery. Looking forward to the next Agritechnica in November this year.

Moller International is proud to supply plough parts to OEMs. Moller International is also developing ploughs for the future as part of team co-developing the innovative plough that won the Danish ploughing championship 2020.

Ending the year 2020 on this high note marks the beginning of 2021 with a new milestone.

Wishing you all a forward-looking start in the new year.


Per Møller


Moller International


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Dr. Malene Conlong
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Danish ploughing championship 2020