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The industrial revolution enabled mechanisation in agriculture

Moller International with many years of mechanical experience


Odense, Denmark, 23rd October, 2019 - Moller International may be a young company but we have accumulated many decades of international agricultural equipment experience through our competent  team network in many countries including India and China and Europe.

Let me take us back to the industrial revolution which was the turning point for agricultural machines. This era opened up the opportunity for mechanisation in agriculture. The first tractor was launched on the market in 1892. One of the first experiments of automated tillage equipment was the steam plough. This important development work lies at the heart of Agritechnica organised by the DLG. Its founder engineer, Max Eyth, worked on this very project for Fowler. Max Eyth recognised early on that the agricultural industry needed exhibitions to share knowledge. The first Agritechnica that I attended in 1987 even used a ploughshare in the logo.

The wear part tools for the ploughs and tillage equipment is just one of several core competencies of Moller International, a Danish company I set upt that offeris expert advice on the sourcing of spare parts. One of the company's experts has 44.5 years’ experience in the development of high quality wearing parts for ploughs and other tillage implements.

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