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Hygge at Agritechnica? Do you know what Danish hygge is?

The Danish word hygge is the hottest word in English right now. Probably for a good reason, as it desribes a moment that makes you feel good, happy in yourself and completely at ease.


At the Moller International stand at Agritechnica in the Systems & Components area, we try hard to include moments of Danish hygge on our stand.

Danish hygge can be a moment where you sit with your business partner and happen to discuss things not necessarily to do with business, such as personal common interests or even a good memory from a business trip you had together. If that moment creates a special bond between the two of you, then you are on your way to experience what Danish people mean when they speak about “hygging” together.

Hygge is mostly done at home in Denmark, but more and more Danish companies are realising the positive effect hygge can have on the employees, and so often there are times for hygge at work too.

Hygge is definitely a word very much at home in agriculture as you can often experience it on a farm. Imagine a farming family sitting by the fireplace after the harvest is over, simply enjoying the togetherness.

Come and find out more about our technical capabilities and services at Agritechnica 2019. They include tungsten carbide products and designs, steel castings -in all sizes and heat-treated, hot pressings, hydraulics -both low and high pressure and some of our combine harvester fingers exhibits are even painted in red, just like the Danish flag.

So we'll see if we can help you experience a bit of hygge as well.