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Moller International presents Danish hydraulic pump repair service at Agritechnica that can save farmers time and money while supporting the environment

Sustainable hydraulic pump repair service will reduce the number of faulty units being scrapped


Odense, Denmark, 31st October, 2019 - When hydraulic pumps on farm machinery break down, they can cause a major upset. It's a vital component on combine harvesters, and a failure can put the machine out of action for a costly period of time. With often long lead times, a reliable repair service that takes a few weeks is an alternative for farmers. The economic rationale of a repair versus a new pump, and getting the machine back to work quickly, is clear, and as the unit is refurbished rather than scrapped, the environment also benefits.

Moller International will premiere the unique hydraulic pump repair service at Agritechnica on Stand D33 in Hall 17. The hydraulic repair solution was developed by fellow Danish business AVN Hydraulic.

Hydraulic pump repair is a highly complex task requiring test and diagnostics equipment and specially trained technicians on call 24 hours a day.

“We have teamed up with Moller International at Agritechnica as we identified a market need in the agricultural sector for our repair service,” he adds. “The disruption when a pump breaks down on a farm can be similar to other areas where we operate, like the marine and offshore sectors, so we decided farmers needed to be able to benefit from the service,” says Ole Krabbe, Managing Director of AVN Group

“And the good news is we can tackle any brand of hydraulic pump," added Krabbe

Poor servicing leads to pump failure

Krabbe says a common reason for hydraulic pumps breaking down is contaminated oil due to poor servicing, particularly in machines that work close to the ground and are exposed to harsh environments with particles or chemicals that can get into the system.

“You cannot underestimate the need to regularly change hydraulic oil and oil filters,” he adds. “We have an oil lab that can test the quality of the oil and advise the customer as to the cause of damage. Often particles like copper are detected in the oil which can destroy the pump, and this is an important lesson to farmers.”

The hydraulic pump repair service to be shown on the Moller International stand can handle pumps with a footprint of up to displacement of 800cm3 and outputs up to 1,200 litres per minute.

“We can cope with high-capacity pumps as we serve industries that use them,” says Krabbe. “A good example are the pumps used in the system we developed for closing the roof on Denmark’s largest football stadium, which seats 40,000 people.

“It is the Danish mentality that is really behind the development of the new hydraulic pump repair service,” he adds. “We are a small country which means we have a long history of relying on ourselves and teamwork plays a major role.

“Danish people are curious and do not give up. We even have an untranslatable phrase we use every day that says roughly ‘give some extra effort and attempt to make it work’.”

(in Danish “give den en ekstra skalle”)

The complexity of modern farm machinery means that technicians today need diagnostic tools and specialist knowledge to carry out repairs. When a product can be repaired rather than discarded, as the case here, farmers contribute to sustainability. This is also a major topic for Agritechnica exhibitor Moller International, a Danish components specialist focused on sustainable solutions for OEM and the components sector.

The hydraulic pump repair solution is presented on Stand D33 in Hall 17.

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