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Agritechnica, the world exhibition I'm proud to have been associated with since 1987, has been postponed by four months.

This is welcome news, right before Easter, for international exhibitors like us, Moller International, that have continued to help keep the global supply chain of agricultural components alive during the pandemic.

Thank you to the DLG: You have made an early and above all intelligent decision and listened to our needs to plan our participation.

Agritechnica is, of course, a major investment but it’s one that delivers on its promises. I’ve never been disappointed at the results over the past 34 years!

The DLG, of which Moller International is a proud member, fully lives and breathes the farming business and is equipped with an instinctive ability to gather farmers and companies in one spot. Creating crucial and vibrant encounters, Agritechnica stimulates innovation in our industry and, to me, this is what makes Agritechnica special.

I’m sure Agritechnica 2022 will beat all previous records!

We plan to show our manufacturing expertise in forgings, machined/high precision & heat-treated components, steel & aluminum castings, tungsten carbides & hot pressings.

See you in 2022. Happy Easter!


Media contact:

Dr. Malene Conlong
Tel:  +49 171 699 2650 (Germany)


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